Zano Controls: answering your LED dimming questions

Zano Controls: answering your LED dimming questions

At Zano, we’re no strangers to confusion around LED dimming. With so many scenarios and products on the market, it can be hard to know where to find the right information.
We pride ourselves on our customer service and ability to help with difficult project queries. Whilst a number of our blogs and resources will have the answer to your questions - be it which dimmer you need, why your LED lamp is flickering or simply some project inspiration - there will always be something we might have missed.
So, we asked you for your questions on all things Zano and LED dimming on our recent Instagram Q&A.

Read on for all of our answers - you might even find the answer to your question.
My dimmers keep buzzing using LEDs?
Sounds like you’ve got an outdated TRIAC dimmer – dimming TRIAC can limit both the dimming range and user experience. This is why we design all our LED dimmers with built-in digital technology. Swapping to one of our digital dimmers should make the buzzing go away.
How easy is the ZSMARTLED to install?
Our ZSMARTLED is super easy to install. It uses standard 3-way switch wiring and has our Smart Settings built in. This unique product is actually the first easy-fit 3-point rotary dimming solution available on the market, and will allow you to dim from up to 3 points on single circuit.
What’s the best product to use for LED strips? Would a module work?
With large drivers, such as are used for LED strips, your best bet is to go for a remote dimming pack such as our ZBARLED – this comes in both 300W/VA and 1000W/VA versions. We go into more detail on how to dim LED strips here.

Can I use mixed loads on a dimmer?
As long as the fittings and fixtures are all dimmable LEDs, then yes, of course you can – just be aware that different lights might dim to different levels. You can read more on how to dim mixed loads here.
What’s the benefit of using a multi-point dimmer like the ZSMARTLED over a module?
To put it simply, dimming from multiple points. This saves you a few steps running around the house looking for your nearest dimming switch. For example, that moment when you’ve reached the top of the stairs, but the switch is at the bottom… that’s where our ZSMARTLED comes to the rescue.
Why don’t electricians clean up after themselves?
Did a plumber write this?...

Getting a bit confused with load calculations on certain projects – is there a simple way to know?
With such a large number of scenarios, and guidelines changing over the years, this can often be a confusing one – especially when inrush gets involved. Our best advice is to have a read through our guide. This breaks down all the calculations you will need for your projects, and which scenarios you will need these for.

Used a 150W/VA dimmer and wattage was well under, yet it’s not working?
The wattage written on boxes isn’t completely accurate as you need to account for inrush. We explain more about label wattage and why this is the culprit for many LED dimming issues here. Remember, you can always give the Zano team a shout if you need help calculating.
Got 20W/VA of tape and a 50W/VA driver. What load am I dimming?
You will need to take the load from the driver, not the tape. When it comes to dimming LED tape, wattage is listed per metre, and inrush data is very rarely published – however, it’s the drive that the huge inrush current is consumed by, so ensure you’re accounting for this. Read here for how to calculate.

What’s your favourite colour?
Take a guess (it starts with a B).
How do I know if my LEDs are dimmable?
If you have purchased an LED lamp or fixture, the packaging should state whether this is dimmable. This is also sometimes written on the lamp itself or the instruction sheet.

Have you changed your offset plastics?
We have indeed! Following all of your feedback from the past years, we have spent the last two years ensuring the new ZMO150 meets your request, and continues to outperform all other LED dimming modules. They now have larger terminals, are manufactured locally & also look pretty good… check them out.
What are your Smart Settings?
Smart Settings are unique to Zano Controls, and are programmed into all our dimmers to prevent dropout, stop low-level flicker and turn on to pre-set levels, without the usual complicated programming. Read here for more information.
Do your grid dimmers fit Hager grid systems?
Yes, they do. They come with nine adaptors, including Hager, alongside a tenth Click Scolmore Grid Pro adaptor can also be bought separately. Not to mention, they’re designed with award-winning technology built in. Check it out here.

What happens if you use non-dimmable LEDs?
Non-dimmable LEDs can cause a number of issues when you attempt to lower the power. The lamp can flicker, flash or buzz, or even potentially not turn on.
Which wholesalers are you stocked in?
We are stocked in wholesalers up and down the UK and Ireland. Click here and search your location to find your nearest one.

Do you have any questions for the Zano team? Hit us up on socials, or drop our experts a call on 0345 519 5858.


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