Zano Technology

Who we are

Zano Controls was founded in 2010 by CEO, Mark Lewin. As a highly experienced lighting technician, Mark had grown increasingly frustrated by the limited products available for dimming LED lamps. Mark’s mission became finding a solution to various LED dimming problems, such as flicker, buzzing and wattage capacity. Enter Zano Controls…

Zano prides itself on its innovative, award-winning products, which have made the impossible possible for many. At Zano Controls, we promise flicker-free, silent dimming at affordable prices for all.

Our team of experts has continued to grow, with our technical team always working on new, groundbreaking products, supported by our sales, customer service, accounts and marketing teams to deliver these to the public.

Zano Controls Technology

At Zano Controls, our unique technology is at the heart of every dimmer you will use. Each dimmer is wired by hand, in-house, and put through rigorous testing processes to deliver nothing but the best quality.

Each dimmer is also programmed with Zano Controls’ Smart Settings. Say goodbye to drop out and dead zones, as these specially designed settings are made to prevent a number of LED complications through simple programming. Once the Smart Settings have been programmed, the only way to revert these settings is to turn the power on and off at the mains, meaning they cannot be accidentally changed.


Zano Controls: The home of LED dimming

Providing you with affordable, award-winning LED dimming technology

Why choose Zano Controls?

Our products won their first award in 2014, when the ZGRIDLED was awarded Highly Commended at the Lighting Design Awards and voted Top product of 2014 by the readers of Professional Electrician Magazine. This then led to the launch of the ZBARLED remote dimming packs range, enabling two-way and intermediate dimming for LED lamps and several awards since.

Our range of products has only grown since then, with the introduction of our ZSMARTLED and many others. Whether it’s multi-point dimming, grid dimming, strip light control or commercial lighting control, to name a few, that you want, Zano Controls has the product for you. Our promise? We will deliver simple solutions, that work and change what is possible with lighting control.

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