Smart Settings: personal profile

Smart Settings: personal profile

Name: Smart Settings.

Age: Undetermined.

Hobbies: Combatting annoying LED flicker once and for all.

Bio: Built into every Zano dimmer. I make LED dimming simple.

Job role: It’s my job to prevent LED drop out, stop low level flicker and enable dimmable LEDs to turn onto pre-set levels as simply as possible, without any complicated programming.

What other people say about me: “The easiest settings to programme in an LED dimmer”

Skills and attributes: Stopping low level flicker and helping LED lamps to turn on at the level they were last dimmed to.

What Zano Controls say about me: Smart Settings are a vital component to every Zano Controls digital dimmer, from the ZMO150 dimming module to the multi-point 0-1000W ZBARLED, and everything in between. Our award-winning digital dimmers wouldn’t be the same without them.

Here’s why:

Minimum level pre-set: Stops low level flicker.

You can prevent flicker or drop out in any LED installation by setting your rotary controller's lowest level. This function allows you to easily set the lowest consistent light output for your circuit. Rather than the lamps dropping out at low levels, causing dead travel on the controller, the lamps will switch off neatly when they reach their programmed minimum level.

Start level pre-set: Instant output at desired levels.

This function, entirely exclusive to Zano dimmers, enables the lamps to turn on at the level they were last dimmed to. If you dim your bathroom light hallway before bed, for example, it won't switch back on to full brightness when you next use the controller (say, half asleep in the middle of the night).

This feature also has a boost function built in. If you left your lamps on at full brightness before pushing to turn off, the dimmer will kickstart the lamps to reach full brightness at switch on.


For more information on how Zano Controls' Smart Settings can help you on your next LED installation call, take a look at our guide below...


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