Top LED dimming installs of 2022

Top LED dimming installs of 2022

2022 has been quite the year for LED dimming projects. We’ve loved seeing your projects, especially when they feature a Zano dimmer or two. Across commercial, industrial and domestic projects, we’ve been tagged in countless amazing installations. 

We would like to say a huge thank you to every electrician, contractor, architect, lighting specialist and homeowner that has used or recommended our projects throughout the year.

It has been hard to narrow down our top installs of 2022, but drumroll... we are pleased to announce the Zano hall of fame, official best installs of 2022.

Congratulations to all our winners, great work.

Top pub lighting install

Contractor(s): Scott Thomson, Dunoon Electrical

What they had to say: “Lighting controls for a pub renovation, got to be @zano_controls dimmers. These have worked great with any LED type I've thrown at them. Programmable maximum and minimum levels so very user friendly.”

Location: Argyll

Link to install

Top domestic install

Contractor: Daryll Marr, Marr Imperium Ltd

What they had to say: “A few @zanocontrols dimmer installed this week. Single modules, 2-gang, 1-gang, 1-way and 2-way all done. No noise, no flicker, no nonsense.”

Location: Edinburgh

Link to install

Best kitchen install

Contractor: Karl Howe Domestic Electrical

What they had to say: “Another fab kitchen finished. Collingwood spotlights, Ansell under cabinet lights, Scolmore face plates, Zano dimmers, and a whole range of appliances. Looks great and clients are very happy.”

Location: Cambridgeshire

Link to install

Best personal install

Contractor: Marc Carter

What they had to say: “Working on my own home for a change. Has to be Zano”

Link to install

Best swimming pool install

Contractor: BF Sparky

What they had to say: “Small wash/seating area for swimming pool completed. @zano_controls dimmers as they’re superb.”

Link to install

Top module install

Contractor: Highland Sparky

What they had to say: “Customer explained her LEDs are flickering. Flicker no more with the Zano LED dimmer switch.”

Location: The Highlands

Link to install

Top multi–room install

Contractor: Wired Leeds

What they had to say: “We spent this morning replacing and fixing lots of faulty lighting and switches at a house in Cookridge. As always, the all singing all dancing @zano_controls came to the rescue and helped us bring light to some very happy customers”

Location: Cookridge

Link to install

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All the best


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