Apply To Sell Zano Technology

So, you want to join #TeamZano? With electricians, wholesalers and ambassadors championing us up and down the country, we couldn’t be more grateful for the position we’re in, so why not get on board and become a Zano Controls stockists?

Zano Controls was founded in 2010, with a mission to combat the frustrations surrounding the limited products available for dimming LED lamps. Facing issues of limited wattage ranges, buzzing and flicker, Zano were on a mission to find a solution, and after extensive research and trials, they did. Since then, Zano has continued to grow - we are extremely passionate and proud of everything Zano has achieved, so we need stockists and salespeople who are too.

We want to work with people who:

  • Are passionate about our products
  • Understand lighting control
  • Understand the various lighting industries
  • Are eager to learn more about Zano
  • Want to support Zano
  • Want to elevate their own companies with great products

Does this sound like you? Then, let’s make it happen. Simply fill out an application form and call 0345 519 5858 with any questions.

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