Zano Controls: What are Team Zano’s favourite LED dimmers – and why?

Zano Controls: What are Team Zano’s favourite LED dimmers – and why?

Every day, we at #TeamZano talk with electricians and wholesalers up and down the UK to help them solve problems, answer product questions and deliver exceptional, responsive customer service: it’s just another point of ‘added value’ you get for choosing a Zano product.
Award-winning technology and exceptional support are why so many electricians and wholesalers choose Zano - and have a favourite Zano product that they rely on time and time again.
Now, it’s time to hear from those who have been responsible for developing that technology – and those customer relationships – as we ask them what their favourite Zano dimmers are.
Here’s what they had to say.

Mark – CEO & Founder 

“The ZGRIDLED range includes Zano Controls’ original 250W/VA LED dimmer, which we are so proud to have designed. It has become the prototype for our other dimmers and opened us up to a world of possibilities.
“Great adaptability when retrofitting into existing grid switch applications” is why the ZGRIDLED range is also the favourite of Newcastle-upon-Tyne-based electrician Michael. Why not read our full ‘Sparky of the Month’ interview with him?

Thomas – Head of Product Development

“I’m very proud of our ZSMARTLED range, which allows you to dim from 2 or 3 points on a single circuit. I have been instrumental in designing the new and improved version, which allows for more capabilities than ever before.
The full capabilities of ZSMARTLED’s new technology are on show in this loft lighting project, which has given the residents flicker-free and silent dimming from multiple points. Read all about it.

Carmen – Business Development Manager 

“My favourite product has to be the ZMO150. It is the most versatile product and a best-seller for a reason!
That reason? It’s one of the highest-performing dimmers designed for everyday LED dimming – and it’s entirely made in the UK.

Nic – Finance Team

ZBARLED range 
“The ZBARLED range has the ability to dim large loads on one circuit with the possibility of multi-point dimming. This is ideal for so many project specifications.
One of the most recent project specifications was a lighting adjustment in residential dressing room in Belgravia. When only dimmable strip lighting could create the perfect ambiance, the ZBARLED1000 was chosen as the perfect solution. Read how.

Jenny – Sales & Marketing Director

ZBARLED range 
“I love how many times the ZBARLED range has been a get-out-of-trouble project for so many installations. The capabilities from a wattage perspective of this product are like nothing else on the market.” 
If your project headaches involve dimming large loads on the same circuit from multiple points, the ZBARLED is designed to make that job much simpler. Have another common issue? Let us troubleshoot it for you.

Maia – Marketing Manager

"Being able to dim from up to 3 points, using the ZSMARTLED, on a single circuit has been a game-changer. Being the first product of its kind makes me even prouder to see how well received it has been by the electrical and lighting industries."
From the people who have been responsible for award-wining technology to those who interact with wholesalers and electricians every day, no-one knows Zano like #TeamZano.
Fortunately, that expertise is never far away. Whether you need help to troubleshoot a dimming issue during your installation projects, or you are a wholesaler looking for the best products to support your customers achieve their LED dimming goals, exceptional customer support is built-in to every Zano purchase – just like our award-winning Smart Settings.
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