Collection: ZSMART

The ZSMARTLED enables 3-point dimming on a single circuit. This technology is exclusive and only available to buy from Zano Controls. The ZSMARTLED is the first easy-fit 3-point rotary dimming solution available on the market. Multi-point LED dimming, up until now, has been linked to expensive lighting control. This groundbreaking technology solves that problem. Providing a simple solution to install up to three rotary controllers on a single circuit, one ‘master’ controller and up to two ‘slave’ controllers can be used. The kit also connects directly to 3 core and earth wiring, for an easy install with minimal disruption on site. It is also perfect for retrofit LED projects. Simply remove existing switches and replace with the ZSMART kit using 3 core and earth cabling. It can dim between 5-150W/VA and is available as a grid, plated or module version.