Collection: ZBARLED

Exclusive to Zano, the ZBARLED remote dimming pack provides groundbreaking technology that enables dimming on large loads. The ZBARLED works with problematic drivers and difficult-to-dim fittings, making it the most versatile dimming product available to buy on the market, often referred to as the ‘get out of trouble’ product.

Our award-winning technology delivers flicker-free and silent dimming for all good quality dimmable LED, tungsten, low-voltage or CFL fittings. 

0-300W/VA, 0-1000W/VA and 1-10V versions are available. For projects that require more than 1000W/VA, simply wire multiple ZBARs in parallel.

Not only is the ZBARLED changing the face of what is possible for dimming large loads and problematic fittings, but the ZBARLED also enables multi-point dimming on a single circuit. Unlike expensive lighting control products, the ZBARLED works with existing twin and earth cable and doesn't require expensive rewiring or computer programming.