Zano ZMO150: Made in the UK

Zano ZMO150: Made in the UK

When a customer needs LED dimming that doesn’t falter, flicker or fail, UK electricians can depend on Zano to deliver it.

From low-load Zano LED dimmer modules with included grid adaptors to ZBARLED remote dimming packs that make even problematic drivers easy to control, we’ve put innovation and ease of use at the heart of our award-winning digital technology.

We’re used in the UK, loved in the UK – and we’re made in the UK, too.

That includes our ever-popular Zano ZMO150 offset module dimmer, which is back in stock and ready to deliver flicker-free and silent dimming at 0-150W/VA. Whether it’s a pub, an office, or a home install, Zano’s ZMO150 module outperforms all other modules in testing and is an intuitive single-point

UK-made technology, world-beating performance

Zano has been a byword for reliability for over 12 years, and as a business serving electricians throughout the UK, we’ve made it our commitment to manufacture locally, too.

It’s not just a matter of pride that every part of our hardware is designed and made in the UK: it’s part of our strength. Did we mention that Zano beats all other brands in independent testing?

Why it pays to shop local

It pays to shop local, and with Zano products being manufactured in the UK, the benefits to your install are clear:
  • UK manufacturing is held to the highest standards of quality, and Zano is even more rigorous. When you install Zano, you bring that reassurance to your customer.
  • From production to delivery, there’s no more travel in the supply chain than necessary. This means less time spent waiting for your order, minimal delivery cost, and a lower carbon footprint.
  • Shopping locally supports manufacturers and wholesalers in the UK.
  • If you need help during an installation, you have an expert team on hand and available to speak to you who know the product inside out. We can quickly resolve your queries.

The Zano ZMO150 is just one module in a range of controls that deliver best-in-class LED dimming for any project that you can imagine – from the simple home installation jobs, to controlling even the most difficult of drivers.

If you have any queries about the ZMO150, or any of our other products, you can contact the Zano team here, or call 0345 519 5858.

Looking to stock the ZMO150 and other module, plate or grid dimmers? We supply electrical wholesalers and their customers across the UK. You are welcome to send any enquiries, or place orders, by emailing us at


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