ZSMARTLED: Zano Controls’ advanced multi-point dimming technology

ZSMARTLED: Zano Controls’ advanced multi-point dimming technology

Multi-point dimming. There is a myth that it can’t be done – or at least not without major disruption on site or for a reasonable cost.
Those people haven’t used the ZSMARTLED.
The first of its kind on the market, the ZSMARTLED enables 2 or 3-point dimming on a single circuit, using technology exclusive to Zano Controls – and now it’s even better.
Our most recent technology developments have seen us upgrade our innovative product range. With all-new software, updated hardware and improved performance, this beloved product range now performs even better than ever before. What’s more, programming Zano’s in-built Smart Settings makes defining your preferred lighting levels easier than with any other multi-point dimmer on the market.
Thought multi-point dimming was expensive or complicated? Read on, and you will learn not only how easy it is – you will see it in action in a dream loft conversion that only the ZSMARTLED could make possible.

How does the ZSMARTLED work?

Providing a simple solution to multi-point dimming, with the ZSMARTLED you can install up to three rotary controllers on a single circuit. The ZSMARTLED can dim between 5-150W/VA and is available in grid, plated or module versions, alongside 2-point or 3-point versions. This is done using one ‘master’ controller and either one or two ‘slave’ controllers.
The kit connects directly to 3 core and earth wiring for an easy install, with minimal disruption on site.
Simply remove existing switches and replace with the ZSMARTLED kit, using 3 core and earth cabling.

What does the ZSMART do that other multi-point dimmers can’t?

The ZSMART is the only dedicated multi-point dimmer for LED that can:
  • Dim more than 10 lamps.
  • Dim from not just 2 points on a single circuit, but 3 points too.
  • Dim without the need of multiple rotary and push switches – just the ZSMART rotary controller.
  • Dims down to 0W/VA always without glare, flicker or buzz.
Performing at an even higher level than the previous ZSMARTLED, all that’s left is to start using it.

How is it used?

The ZSMARTLED is the go-to for when you don’t have a solution for dimming from more than one point.
Every day we see electricians and lighting professionals discuss multi-point dimming both online and over the phone to our technical team, speaking of the restrictions that the lack of dimming solutions on the market can place on projects. However, one homeowner was savvy enough to speak up about this to their builder.
Jen and Andy were in the midst of the loft conversion they had always dreamed of and knew there must be a way to enable 3-point lighting control easily, and within their budget.
When their builder told them “no”, they did some research of their own – and that’s when they discovered Zano Controls’ ZSMARTLED.
Read more about how they achieved their LED dimming goals here.
This is just one example of how Zano’s ZSMARTLED can meet homeowners’ dimming goals, but it doesn’t end there. Whether it’s either side of a bed, either end of a staircase, or at different points around a larger room, the ZSMARTLED is your most cost-effective and easiest to implement answer to multi-point dimming.
So, that’s the ZSMARTLED for you. Got any questions, or simply ready to place an order? Get in touch with our team on 0345 519 5858, and we will be more than happy to assist.
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