What's next for LED dimming? This is what Zano's CEO thinks

What's next for LED dimming? This is what Zano's CEO thinks

In 2010, Mark Lewin founded Zano Controls. Mark’s prior experience as a lighting technician meant that he was all too familiar with the difficulties faced when dimming LED lights. He had not yet found a product on the market that could control LED lights without encountering issues such as flicker, buzz and limited wattage capacity.
Fast-forward 13 years, and Zano Controls now offers a wide range of LED dimming products that not only dim LED lights, but also provide various solutions. These products range from single to multi-point, and small to large loads. The quality and technical excellence of Zano’s products are undisputed, and they all have one key thing in common: they enable control of LED lights via digital technology.
This year, there are many exciting new developments underway for Zano, making it prime time to sit down with CEO & Founder, Mark Lewin himself, for a quickfire Q&A.

What makes Zano different to other LED dimming manufacturers?

I think Zano Controls are the only manufacturer in the UK that is totally dedicated to LED dimming. We offer a one-stop shop of all LED dimming products that might be needed for an electrical install. We also produce 2-wire dimmers, which also makes us unique. We are 100% focused on getting it right.
What is your favourite Zano product & why?
That’ll be the new ZMO150 – our best-selling dimming module. This is because it has taken us about 2 years to develop, ensuring we have taken on all feedback and produced the best product possible. It has come out even better than we thought it would do – a product I’m truly proud of.
What has changed with the new ZMO150s?
The technology inside our new ZMO150s is a massive upgrade. The new technology inside our leading 0-150W/VA module dimmers is now much more compatible with the variety of LED lamps, fittings, and drivers on the market. The market is saturated with LEDs of different quality, performance, and light output - we needed our technology to be built to be flexible, deal with the inconsistencies in lighting output and put up a consistent performance. 
Not only that, but the software inside has improved significantly (the user experience is way better). Lastly, following the feedback we had on the previous version of our ZMO150 from our customers, we’ve also made a few hardware tweaks and increased the size of the terminals.
What’s the most interesting Zano project you can recall?
Funnily enough, we helped on a cow shed project. We supplied a number of ZBAR1-10Vs, which were set up on timers. The guys installing it were great, it was a brilliant end result, and all-in-all it was a great bit of fun.
What are you most excited about in 2023 for Zano Controls?
We’ve brought UK manufacturing in in strength, which is very exciting. The partners we’ve got on board are just superb. They have ensured we’ve got reliability of supply and great quality products, alongside their quality control (they’re ISO companies), which has been fantastic. Moving forward, it’s going to be amazing working with them and continuing to see the effects of this change.
Remember, Zano are always here to help with your LED dimming project needs. If you ever have any queries, please call our team on 0345 519 5858.


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