The Zano ZMO150 is back in stock

The Zano ZMO150 is back in stock

Zano means next-generation digital technology, flicker-free and silent dimming, with built in Smart Settings that eradicate 90% of the technical issues that electricians associate with LED dimming.

Our modules outperform all others in independent testing. Electricians trust Zano modules to get the job done, and that’s why stockists up and down the country supply them.

So, we’re delighted to announce that the Zano ZMO150 is back in stock for good.

Why do electricians choose Zano’s dimmer modules?

Zano’s ZMO150 LED dimmer module is a versatile offset module dimmer that can dim down to low loads, and provide smooth, flicker-free lighting control – without exception.

It’s the award-winning technology that makes everyday LED dimming between 0-150W/VA and 5-250W/VA as simple for your customer. For the installer, it’s easy to mount, even on retrofit projects, and its programmable maximum and minimum levels give you exceptional lighting control.

With two wattage ranges to choose from, it’s the go to for low-level LED dimming on small and medium-sized installation projects. In fact, you may have noticed that the Zano ZMO150 was featured in our in our Top Installs of 2022 (with Steven of Wired Electrical in Leeds).

For Darryl Marr of Marr Imperium Ltd., it comes down to three simple benefits: “no noise, no flicker, no nonsense”.

It’s a quality-of-life upgrade to your customers’ previous LED dimmer modules that will make your job simpler, and their user experience that much better.

For any dimming related enquiries call the Zano team 0345 519 5858.


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