Product FAQs

Product Issues

How do I set the Smart Settings?

Each product comes with an instruction sheet that entails how to work our Smart Settings for that specific product. These are also available on the product pages across our website.

Can I dim non-LED loads?

Our products are specifically designed for LED loads but can be used in some scenarios to dim other types of lighting. Please get in touch with our technical team to ensure you have the right product for the job.

What adaptors come in the grid kit?

The following adaptors come with the Zano Grid Kit:

Euro, Deta, Schneider Lisse White, BG, Wandsworth, MK Logic, Hamilton, and Crabtree. You can also purchase the Click Scolmore Pro grid adaptor separately.

I switch the dimmer on and nothing happens?

Our dimmers will try and protect themselves if they are overloaded. Try reducing the load to see if this fixes the issue and do follow the instructions on how to calculate the true load.