ZGRIDLED: Zano Controls’ new grid dimming technology

ZGRIDLED: Zano Controls’ new grid dimming technology

Technology is advancing each day, and as leaders in electrical manufacturing, we are here to ensure that our products continue to meet the demands of the ever-developing industry. Our ZGRIDLED range is just one example, with its new and improved technology.
We’ve been speaking to electricians and lighting professionals about what common hurdles they face when approaching grid dimming, alongside their thoughts on our bestselling grid dimmer range. Below, we explain how our ZGRIDLED range overcomes commonly faced obstacles and share with you real-life opinions from professionals in the electrical industry.

Why do lighting professionals choose Zano’s grid dimming range?

Zano’s ZGRIDLED range is designed with award-winning, next-generation technology built in. It comes in two different wattage versions: 0-150W/VA and 5-250W/VA.
Both versions come equipped with 9 grid adaptors, including Hager, Euro and Schneider Lisse White. You can also find a separate ZGRIDLED that comes with the Click Scolmore Grid Pro adaptor.
Our ZGRIDLED150 is perfect for smaller LED dimming projects dimming up to 150W/VA. It is ideal for hard-to-reach low loads, dimming perfectly down to 0W/VA without flicker or buzz.
For jobs with a higher total load, our ZGRIDLED+ does all the ZGRIDLED150 can do, but for loads of up to 250W/VA.

How has our new technology improved our grid dimmers?

Our new and improved grid dimmers are designed to resolve a number of common obstacles you face during these installations. Here are a few common grid dimming issues our ZGRIDLED combats:
‘Doesn’t work with cheap lamps.’
Poor-quality LED lamps can overheat quickly and kickstart product failure at a rapid pace. Whilst cheap lamps will always cause you LED dimming issues, our new dimmers work on a much wider range of lamps than ever before.
‘I'm getting dead spots.'

Our new grid dimmers include auto spanning, meaning it will adjust light level from minimum to maximum on full rotation. This means when the dimmer is rotated, the light is always adjusting, resulting in no dead spots.

‘Need information to hand.’
Our new dimmers have QR codes printed on them. A simple scan of the code will bring up all the product information you need.
Top tip: You can also find data sheets for every dimming product on our website on the relevant product pages.
‘Not always in stock.’
All of our supply chain is UK-based, local to us and working hard to ensure we are always in stock – and we are.

What are people saying about our ZGRIDLED range?

Our new and improved dimmers are in demand. Here’s what a few of the UK’s top electricians and electrical wholesalers had to say:
“It’s great – it’s my go-to dimmer and I advise all my clients that this is the go-to one.”
“It has fully programmable maximum and minimum brightness. It’s an absolute dream.”
“The ZGRIDLED150 with multiple adaptors for all the different grid systems is so cool.”
“When electricians look at a job and they don’t actually know the grid system, you know that one of the grid adaptors will be a winner.”
If you’re faced with a challenging installation involving a grid system on your future projects, our ZGRIDLED range can help you navigate it, ensuring that you always dim LEDs effectively and hassle-free.
For any queries about your next project, give our team a call on 0345 519 5858.
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