Zano Controls: your one-stop-shop for LED dimming

Zano Controls: your one-stop-shop for LED dimming

Here at Zano Controls, we regularly speak to electricians and lighting specialists who tell us how difficult it is to find a manufacturer that stocks all the products you need for your project. We even took to socials to ask you guys, and more than 85% of you agreed that this was often a problem.
Whilst LED dimming has come a long way, it can still be a minefield to navigate. LED dimming, as with many projects, can require a number of different products for completion.
That brings us to two common questions:
  • Which LED dimming products do I need?
  • Do you stock them all?

To answer question number one, different lamps, loads and drivers have different requirements. The best way to demonstrate our suggestions is through our easy-to-use flowchart below:



You can also head over to our interactive dimmer guide, which will direct you to the right dimmer, based on your job’s requirements.
For question number two, the short answer is yes, we do stock them all. Zano Controls is your one-stop-shop for LED dimming, carrying a wide range of exclusive products, with dimmers to meet every LED dimming need.
Are you after a simple dimmer module to dim that 20W/VA lamp in your client’s living room? That’ll be our ZMO150. Do you need a dimmer that allows you to dim from both ends of your client’s hallway (on a single circuit)? That’s where our ZSMARTLED comes in. Or are you after a product that will enable the dimming of LED panels on your next big commercial project? The ZBARLED can do just that.

Whatever the dimming job, Zano has a solution. And if you’re still uncertain about which dimmer is the right fit for your upcoming project, give our technical team a call on 0345 519 5858, and we’ll be more than happy to offer some guidance.

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