Zano Controls' Christmas Battle Plan

Zano Controls' Christmas Battle Plan

If you, like us, have watched Home Alone many a time since it first hit our screens in the 1990s, you'll agree that a lot can be learnt from Kevin McAllister's approach to tackling big projects with a well-thought-out master plan. It's well-executed and leaves no stone unturned.

Not only did Kevin manage to draw up a robust defence of his home, but he escaped unharmed from the ‘Wet Bandits’ as a result of effective project planning.

Much like Kevin, we’re firm believers in having a Battle Plan in action for every sort of project, but whilst Kevin’s is setting booby traps and dangling cans, fire and tar, our interpretation of effective project planning involves something a little different.

Want help planning and project specifying your LED lighting projects in 2023? Read on...

When approaching a new lighting project, effective planning makes all the difference. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a project to find out that the products purchased (LEDs, lighting control or otherwise) aren’t cut out for the task at hand. Or, getting a customer call a few days after you’ve left the job because the client isn’t happy with the end result. Not only does that result in days wasted but lost revenue and further expense to you, with the added (non) bonus of a trip back down to your local wholesaler or lighting stockist to pick up a fix.

That said, we speak to electricians and installers weekly who, by no fault of their own, get stuck with products on site that just aren’t well suited to the project they’d planned out. Whether, at the client's request, they’ve been asked to use a particular set of problematic fittings, or they’ve been misled to believe that the dimmer they’ve purchased to control the LEDs can cope with the total load of the install, effective planning can and does make all the difference. Ultimately, the products you're working with have just as much of an influence on the outcome of the project, as the planning does.

Pair great products and even better project planning and you’re onto a winner, much like Kevin was when he created his DIY home defence system.

When it comes to effective project planning and project specifying, the team at Zano are here to assist you right from the very beginning. We can test lamps at our in-house testing facility and guide you through the right dimmer(s) to use for your upcoming projects.

And if you have an LED dimming project in the diary for 2023, here’s an example of some of the Zano products that can make all the difference to your installs and some various ways you can use them.

ZMO - Are you looking for an LED dimming solution for a small space, such as an ensuite bathroom or walk-in wardrobe? A trusted offset module dimmer, that can dim down to low-loads and provide smooth, flicker-free lighting control? That’s where our trusted ZMO comes in. With award-winning technology, the ZMO range comes in two wattage versions, 0-150W/VA and 5-250W/VA for the slightly bigger installs. The ZMO150 is perfect for low-level dimming.

ZGRIDLED - Are you looking for a powerful dimmer that can fit into a grid plate? One that will dim your customers kitchen downlights without hassle, is easy to install and even easier to programme? Look no further than the ZGRIDLED range. Like all Zano products, the ZGRIDLED150 and ZGRIDLED+ come with Zano’s exclusive Smart Settings built in, meaning you can set the dimmer's internal settings to dim within a range that suits your client's preferences and suit the aesthetics of the kitchen space. 

ZSMARTLED – Does your customer want to be able to dim their lighting from more than one control point on a single circuit? Whether it’s from either side of the living room, either end of the staircase, or either side of the bed, the ZSMARTLED is the product for this type of job. The ZSMARTLED allows you to dim from 2 or 3 points on a single circuit and is the first easy-fit, multi-point dimming solution on the market. With one ‘master’ and up to two ‘slave’ controllers per circuit, it can control up to 150W/VA LED and is perfect for all sorts of domestic and small-scale commercial projects.

ZBARLED - Got a bigger job on your hands? Something like a huge cinema room, that needs to be dimmed from more than 3 points? If your project involves problematic fittings like LED tape or strip lighting, or is larger than 250W/VA LED, then you need the ZBARLED. This product is designed to dim up to 1000W/VA LED and is one of the most versatile dimming products available on the market. The difference with Zano’s ZBARLED range is that the products are remote dimming packs, and unlike your standard ZMO module dimmer the ZBAR needs to be installed through a break in the circuit or a junction box. What’s more, it comes in two wattage versions, 0-300W/VA and 0-1000W/VA. Up to 32 rotary controllers can be connected in parallel to one ZBARLED and several ZBARLED units can be connected together to deal with even larger loads.

Remember, wherever an LED dimming project arises, Zano has a solution. Our range of LED dimming products will put you and your clients at ease, assuring you have a trusted plan for every project.

Need some more guidance on which products are right for your lighting projects and LED dimming Battle Plans? Give the team a call on 0345 519 5858 and we’ll be happy to help.



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