Think you know Zano Controls? Think again

Think you know Zano Controls? Think again

At Zano, LED digital dimming is all we do, and with the launch of our Everyday Range in 2017, we made sure that Zano dimming can be an everyday essential in your toolkit.

Did you know, it’s now easier than ever before to convert a non-Zano user into a Zano user. Our technology is the best on the market, our prices have dropped significantly, and with a dimming range of up to 150W/VA they are the perfect solution for those hard-to-reach low loads - on jobs that contractors encounter on an almost daily basis.

Despite this, there are still assumptions made about our products, and our prices. While we’re all prone to making assumptions – assumptions are prone to hiding facts. To get to the bottom of these assumptions once and for all, and set the record straight, we decided to ask a focus group of electricians what their assumptions were on Zano. Here’s what we learned:

First of all, they had all heard about Zano. Whether it was through friend or foe, their local wholesaler, Professional Electrician or had used a Zano product – they all knew about Zano.

Secondly, from what they’d heard or experienced, they all knew that Zano Technology was excellent for LED dimming.

Thirdly, more often than not, Zano to them was the Rolls-Royce of the LED dimming world. Expensive, and too luxurious to justify using on an everyday basis – but a product that would solve the problem, and get them out of trouble.

So, we’re here to ask you, if you found yourself nodding along to the above few assumptions...

What if Zano wasn’t expensive?

What if Zano’s prices really could warrant being an everyday essential in your toolkit?

What if, you could have the best technology, achieve perfectly flicker-free and silent dimming, all at an everyday price?

Would you convert to Zano?

If the answer is yes, here’s the good news: Zano technology is now available at an everyday price, via our website or electrical wholesalers nationwide.

Available in module, grid and slimline plate-mounted versions our 0-150W/VA Everyday Range is a versatile, compatible and reliable solution to LED dimming.

ZMO150 offset module dimmer

Up to 150W/VA LED

ZGRIDLED grid dimmer

9 grid adapters in every pack to fit all major grid manufacturers

Up to 150W/VA LED



Up to 150W/VA LED

Master/Slave system

Dim from 3 points on a single circuit

For more than 150W/VA LED you’ll need to take a look at our ZBARLED. A remote dimming pack that can cope with up to 1000W/VA LED.


LED dimming doesn’t have to be expensive. Zano Controls’ one-stop shop has everything you need to dim LED, without the hefty price tag.


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