The 5 key LED dimming trends for 2022 – from the LED dimming experts

The 5 key LED dimming trends for 2022 – from the LED dimming experts

Our technical experts examine LED dimming trends for 2022, explaining what lighting projects in the year ahead that they expect to see LED dimmers dominate. From domestic to commercial projects – no lighting install in 2022 will be complete without lighting control. 

LED dimming trends seem to be the electrical industry’s best-kept secret. Light a room up with a row of warm white GU10 downlights and often it can look bland, with a distinct lack of atmosphere. But add a dimmer to the mix that provides layers of different lighting levels and all the variety that this provides, and you’re onto a winning lighting scheme. You often read articles on the topic of lighting trends to watch – but rarely trends in lighting control. We’re here to change the face of LED dimming from the best-kept secret to the worst kept secret and encourage more and more electricians and installers to consider LED dimming for their lighting projects.  

Whether you’re installing recessed LED panels in an office environment, upgrading chandeliers to LED in an elegant hotel hallway or combining a variety of LED fittings and fixtures for general, task and accent lighting in a domestic setting – these are just a few of the scenarios where our technical experts have seen an increased number of LED dimmers involved in the planning stage of each respective project over the last few months of 2021.  

Below they summarise what 5 key LED dimming trends they believe will dominate in 2022 based on the flurry of LED dimming activity they have been involved in or watched eagerly come to fruition from the sidelines this year. They also share their top 5 LED dimming installs of the year that relate to each key trend. Read on to find out more about the key dimming trends of 2022 and discover some of Zano's top rated LED dimming projects of this year. 

5 LED Dimming Trends 2022

Remote dimming packs for commercial environments: hotels, restaurants, and theatres 

After months of lockdown due to the coronavirus, July 2021 saw hotels, restaurants and theatres once again opening their doors to welcome back their much-missed customers. 

With lighting upgrades taking place left, right and centre and a core focus on energy efficiency in these establishments – many of these projects gave way to an increase in demand for remote dimming packs that could be installed out of sight and used to control large loads of LED. 

In hospitality environments such as these, installers, lighting designers and architects working on these projects have long used dimming control to add ambience and create atmosphere to suit their customers’ requirements – and while the demand for this has not slowed, the solutions to add LED lighting control to these sorts of establishments is far and few between. Often seen as expensive or requiring bespoke lighting solutions with extensive computer programming, electricians have spent a long time looking for a reliable alternative. One that strikes the right balance between functionality and affordability but does not compromise on performance.  

Our technical experts assisted on countless projects last year that required our ZBARLED remote dimming pack as the answer to this challenge. Providing up to 1000W/VA LED dimming control per dimming pack, the ZBARLED is an off the shelf product that can be installed out of sight and wired up to multiple control points to enable flicker-free and silent lighting control of large and mixed LED loads. Used in hotel function rooms, restaurants with large open spaces and the occasional theatre our ZBARLED paired perfectly with the LED fittings and fixtures of choice across a range of projects such as these. 

Top restaurant lighting install of 2021 

Contractor(s): Rye Lane Electrical 

Venue: Peckham Levels 

Over seven floors of business, co-working and social space! 

Dimmer installed: ZBARLED1000

Link to install.

Dimming control of recessed LED panels for health and economic benefits in offices, colleges, and workplaces 

LED dimming has a vast array of health, safety, and economic benefits. Most notably LED dimming reduces energy consumption and increases the lifespan of LEDs but more importantly, adding LED dimming control to lighting installs in schools, colleges, universities, and the workplace can be a lot better for the human body. 

When relying on any type of artificial lighting – whether LED or otherwise – it is important that the levels are neither too harsh nor too dim and digital LED dimmers can help perfectly to achieve that optimum level, as well as reduce flicker, prevent glare and stop buzz. With correct lighting levels assisting to improve energy, mood, alertness, and productivity - it comes as no surprise to hear from our technical experts that Zano’s LED dimmers have been used frequently across a number of workplace/educational installs this year where achieving that optimum lighting level via the use of a reliable LED dimmer has been of paramount importance. 

From recessed LED panels to suspended LED ceiling lighting and LED spotlights, the choice of lighting design in offices and educational facilities comes with an exceptionally large scope. Our technical experts have been happy to lend a helping hand to installers with advice, product expertise and helped them choose the right LED dimmer for these sorts of projects. 

To help achieve the optimum lighting level, when dimming LED panels or large LED fittings and fixtures our ZBARLED remote dimming pack is the product of choice. Capable of supporting mixed loads, alleviating the problems associated with Inrush current when dimming problematic LED drivers and adding multiple control points to a single circuit (so that the lighting levels can be dimmed from more than one point in a classroom or office) the ZBARLED has provided the solution to countless LED dimming projects in the educational/office sector and our technical experts believe that they will see an even bigger demand for LED dimming control in workspace environments in 2022 as more people return to the office.  

Top workplace lighting install of 2021 

Contractor(s): Storeton Electrical Ltd 

Venue: Local college hallway and classroom lighting upgrade in the North West of England 

Dimmer installed: ZBARLED300

Link to install.

LED dimming for vaulted, apex and sloped ceilings 

Our technical experts have encountered many a lighting project this year where the lighting design brief has insisted on lighting control to add ambience, mood, and definition to variations in apex, vaulted and sloped ceilings and they expect this trend to continue well into 2022. 

They’ve seen LED spotlights and recessed downlights paired with an LED dimmer in a vaulted ceiling to accentuate exposed ceiling beams, LED strip lighting paired with a remote dimming pack to illuminate the length of a high apex ceiling that spanned the breadth of the property and LED dimmers paired with a variety of fittings and fixtures in a property with a sloped ceiling that let in a lot of natural light. 

In projects like these where beautiful ceilings have the power to transform the look and feel of a property,, lighting that complements the ceiling’s angles, adds definition to the slants and slopes and illuminates dark (or light) areas in the best way possible is a key feature of the design scheme. Paired with LED dimmers the lighting can be controlled depending on the time of day to bring focus to specific areas, add atmosphere and light up the space in the best way possible. 

Depending on the total load of the various installs they’ve seen our ZGRIDLED range used on a number of these projects. A grid dimmer that is able to control between 0-250W/VA LED and control the lighting levels where only one dimming point is required. The ZMO150 has also featured in a few specific projects where the total load on one circuit is smaller – take for example a small section of the ceiling with only a handful of downlights. For bigger projects, such as those using long lengths of LED strip lighting, the ZBARLED remote dimming pack was the answer. 

Top vaulted ceiling lighting install of 2021 

Contractor(s): HardiElectrical  

Location: Property in Curdridge, Southampton 

Dimmer installed: ZGRIDLED+

Link to install.

Retrofitting of 2-way switches to 2 and 3-point dimmers 

As electrical contractors and installers tune in to the possibilities of adding 2- and 3-point dimmers to their lighting installs as easily as they can install a standard switch, it is great to hear that many a lighting project this year has seen standard 2-way switches replaced with our ZSMARTLED dimming kit in various lighting upgrades. Our technical experts are confident that this trend will skyrocket in 2022.  

Ideal for projects where the total load is under 150W/VA LED – take for example a loft conversion where the homeowner is keen to control the lights from either side of their bed as well as near the doorway to the room, or dimming control at both at the top and the bottom of a staircase to control the lighting levels across the hallway/landing - Zano’s ZSMARTLED dimming kit enables electricians to add LED dimming control from up to 3 points on a single circuit.  

With homeowners having spent more time at home over the past 18 months, many are exploring new possibilities to add lighting control to some of their most-used spaces and they have turned to Zano’s ZSMARTLED for the answer. It is a straight off the shelf solution to 2 and 3-point dimming control which is as easy to install as a standard 2-way and intermediate lighting circuit. 

Zano’s technical experts have been delighted to help homeowners and electricians alike in their lighting projects and have educated them on many a benefit and how simple it is to switch from switches to 2 and 3-point dimmers. 

Top 3-point LED dimming install of 2021 

Homeowners: Jennifer & Andy from Brighton 

Location: In the loft conversion of their end of terrace Victorian house  

Dimmer(s) installed: ZSMARTLED 

Link to project.

Dimming control for chandeliers upgraded to LED 

With the UK phasing out the sale of higher-energy halogen lightbulbs in 2018 and incandescent lighting known as having the worst energy efficiency on the market many homeowners and commercial properties have sought to upgrade their beloved chandeliers to more energy-efficient LEDs – and what’s more, add LED dimming control in the process. 

Our technical experts have provided countless LED dimmers this year to electricians seeking the best quality dimmers for their customers’ most prized lighting features and this is a trend that is set to continue into 2022 and beyond as traditional, modern and sculptural chandeliers remain one of the most sought-after lighting fixtures. Pair a fantastic chandelier with LED dimming control and you are on to a winner.  

Depending on whether the project is looking to completely overhaul the fittings or simply upgrade old bulbs to LED lamps in an existing chandelier(s), our technical team have seen and been delighted to assist with it all. The ZGRIDLED150 has been a go-to for projects of this sort where the dimmer has been required to fit into an existing grid plate that matches with the original décor of the room and requires up to 250W/VA of LED dimming control. We’ve also seen several projects that have opted to add multi-point dimming to more classic chandeliers where Retractive toggle on-off switches were chosen, but they needed our ZBARLED300 remote dimming pack to provide dimming capability of a total load of under 300W/VA LED and work with existing wiring. 

Top chandelier upgrade & LED dimming install of 2021 

Contractor: RG Electrical 

Location: Manor house hallway in Battledown, Cheltenham 

Dimmer(s) installed: ZGRIDLED150

Link to install.

As we eagerly anticipate the LED dimming trends set to dominate in 2022, we hope you’ve enjoyed our predictions and have learnt a lot from the projects we have supported this year. If you have an upcoming install and would like our advice on the right LED dimmer for your project, or would like to feature in Zano Controls first case study for 2022, get in touch. To talk to our technical experts about any project specification enquiries that you may have in the coming months, or to discuss a LED dimming problem or opportunity give us a call on 0345 519 5858. 



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