Tech Call 101: why do my LED lights come on at different levels?

Tech Call 101: why do my LED lights come on at different levels?


Upgrading from 3-way switching to 3-point dimming is a piece of cake with ZSMARTLED. It allows you to install one master controller and up to two slave controllers (per circuit) to provide the end-user full control of their LED lighting from each of the 3 control points.   

But one of the questions we always get asked about the ZSMARTLED is:  

Why do my lights come on at different levels on different controls?  

Cue, the Zano tech team for the answer.  

It’s because each controller, when switched on, will turn on at the level that that controller was last set to. For example, if you’ve had the lights turned up to maximum on one control point and turned it off, and then turned the lights on from a different point that was last set to minimum, instead of coming on at maximum, the lights turn on at minimum.   

Yes, the ZSMARTLED really is a dimming kit that enables full control of the lighting levels from up to 3 rotary control points (as opposed to one real dimmer and the rest being dummy controllers). No matter which control point is being used, the end-user has the full dimming range available and can control the lighting levels from each of those points. And this is one of the many reasons why the ZSMARTLED is taking the electrical market by storm. 

Our top-tip is to pre-set each of the dimmer’s minimum and maximum settings using Zano’s exclusive Smart Settings from the master controller following the install to ensure ease of use for the end-user. Smart Settings help to prevent LED drop out, low-level flicker and enable the lights to turn on to pre-set levels as smoothly and simply as possible. What’s more, once they’ve been programmed – the only way to revert these settings is to turn the power on and off at the mains. Aka. They’re tamper-proof.    

While this is just one of the great things about the ZSMARTLED dimming kit, here are a few other amazing benefits: 

  • Connects to 3-core and earth wiring  
  • Comes in grid, plate and module versions 
  • Can control between 5-150W/VA LED 

Wondering how to set the minimum level on your ZSMARTLED dimmer? Give our friendly team a call on 03455195858. To find out whether the ZSMARTLED is the right choice for your LED dimming project, head over to our handy dimming guide.  



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