Sparky's Corner: Mark Allison

Sparky's Corner: Mark Allison

Mark Allison is our ‘Sparky of The Month’.

Mark Allison, Owner of Power Sonic and Apprentice 121, gives some quickfire answers to Zano Controls about the challenges of running two electrical businesses, the current demands in the electrical industry and which Zano Controls’ product is his go-to.
Name: Mark Allison
Company: Power Sonic & Apprentice 121 

Location: East Yorkshire 

Why did you become an electrician?

I didn’t get on well with sixth form. Luckily, I had an interest in engineering, thanks to both of my grandads.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

It has to be the variety of projects and problem solving they involve. Also, implementing regulations rather than just reading about them.

What's the most interesting job you've completed to date?

This would have to be from my early career, working on Ministry of Defence (MoD) and US Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) assets around the world - from large scale HV/LV distribution to fibre comms and CCTV. Although, some of my more recent solar adventures are certainly up there now.

What are the biggest challenges you face day-to-day?

Time, mainly. Running Power Sonic and teams of electricians, whilst staying ‘hands-on’ myself. This, alongside putting in dedication to Apprentice 121, both online and in the real world, is a challenge – but a challenge I enjoy!

What services have been most in demand this year?

This is an easy one - solar and battery storage. Understanding client requirements and equipment safety, and having both the ability and knowledge to safely work with both offerings, is a rewarding and exciting thing to be involved with.

Fun fact about you?

I am the fastest person ever to complete the eFIXX challenge wall – LIVE! I am also the only person to have completed the challenge… (It’s still a win Mark, don’t worry).

How did you find out about Zano Controls?

Primarily through using the ZMO150 dimmer modules.

What's the biggest LED dimming problem you've faced?

A regular challenge is when clients want huge banks of lighting dimmed from a single module. Or even the opposite – when they want lots of micro-dimming control in the same spaces. (That’s why we’ve got you covered Mark – ZBARLED1000 for the large loads and ZMO150 for the smaller ones).

What's your go-to Zano product?

Anything from the modular grid dimming range is certainly my go-to. Fantastic flexibility. 

If you could rewire anyone's house, who would it be?

Neil Bridgeman’s, but I am not convinced he has done it properly. (Mark’s words not ours, Neil).
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