Naughty or nice? Add these LED dimming products to your Christmas wish list

Naughty or nice? Add these LED dimming products to your Christmas wish list

As Christmas fast approaches we bet you’re feeling well and truly ready to put your feet up, wind down and take a few well-deserved days off.  

We’d like you to rest assured that between now and then, our team are here to provide the technical support you need to get your LED dimming jobs done and dusted in time for Christmas. 

But in the meantime, if you are looking ahead to next year’s jobs, thinking about what lighting control products you need on your installs in the new year to really transform what is possible, or writing your Christmas list to Santa... We have a few products to put forward. 

Are you looking for a product that will get you out of trouble with large LED loads? 

Add to your list: the ZBARLED 

A powerful solution for dimming large loads of LED, the ZBARLED remote dimming pack is the only product that can dim such a huge volume of LED outside of expensive lighting control. What’s more, it only takes one ZBAR to control up to 1000W/VA LED. There are two wattage versions available, the ZBARLED300, that can control between 0-300W/VA LED and the ZBARLED1000, that can control between 0-1000W/VA LED.  

If you need to dim more than 1000W/VA LED, then more ZBARLED remote dimming packs can be added to the circuit. ZBARLEDs are best installed out of sight, through a break in the circuit or a junction box. 

Are you looking for the best grid dimmer on the market that isn’t limited to 10 lamps? 

Add to your list: the ZGRIDLED range 

You can dim as many lamps as you like with the ZGRIDLED range, so long as the total load doesn’t exceed 250W/VA. For example, if your LED lamps are 2.5W each, you could dim 50 of those with one ZGRIDLED+ (a 0-250W/VA grid dimmer). And as long as the LEDs that are chosen are high quality and keep Inrush current to a minimum, you could install even more.  

For loads under 150W/VA you can choose our ZGRIDLED150, a 0-150W/VA LED grid dimmer with 9 grid adaptors in each pack.  

Are you after a simple solution to help you upgrade 3-way switching to 3-point dimming? 

Add to your list: the ZSMARTLED 

It really is simple to upgrade 3-way switching to 3-point dimming when you use the ZSMARTLED. A ‘master’ and ‘slave’ system that can be installed as easily as you can install a standard switch, simply remove the existing switches and install the ZSMARTLED kit in its place. The ZSMARTLED comes in a grid, module and plated version and 2- or 3-part packs, so whether you want 2 control points per circuit or 3, it can be achieved by using the ZSMARTLED.  

The ZSMARTLED dimming kit can dim up to 150W/VA LED and can be connected to existing wiring so it’s perfect for retrofit projects.  

Are you on the hunt for a dimmer range that works with LED and doesn’t produce flicker and buzz?  

Add to your list: the Zano range of digital LED dimmers 

All of our products are designed to dim LED. With exclusive digital technology that guarantees no flicker no buzz and no hassle.  

Do you want to find an LED dimmer that can help you dim low loads? 

Add to your list: the ZGRIDLED150 

Say you have space for just two downlights in a small closet or ensuite, and each lamp is 4.5W each. A minimum 10W/VA dimmer won’t support that low level, which is why you see flicker and drop out. 

That’s where the low-level capability of our ZGRIDLED150 can solve such a problem. It can support levels as low as 0W, making it perfect for small space circuits, or secondary circuits that require just a few lamps on one dimmer. 

Are you looking for a remote dimming pack that can help you dim mixed LED loads? 

Add to your list: the ZBARLED remote dimming pack 

The challenge most installers face when dimming mixed LED loads on a single circuit is that each type of dimmable LED lamp or driver has different minimum and maximum levels that it can be dimmed to. Set the maximum too high for one type of LED fitting and you will see flicker or dropout, set the minimum too low for another type, and the same again, flicker or potential dropout. The ZBARLED remote dimming pack and its built-in Smart Settings can help to solve this problem.  

A powerful remote dimming pack that can deal with mixed LED loads such as a stretch of LED strip lighting, and various other LED fittings as long as the total load remains within the ZBARs capability (under 1000W/VA), simply program the ZBARs minimum and maximum levels using Smart Settings to ensure no flicker and dropout across all lights on the circuit. 

Ready to get those products ordered, find your closest stockist or speak to our technical team for LED dimming advice and expertise? Just give us a call on 0345 519 5858 or email 



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