Introducing the ZGRIDLITE

Introducing the ZGRIDLITE

Your favourite LED grid dimmer now comes with the adaptor you need – and nothing more.
For those working on domestic and smaller-scale commercial grid dimming projects, the ZGRIDLED150 and ZGRIDLED+ have delivered on a multitude of electrical installations, dimming grid systems of up to 250W/VA.

With a variety of 10 adaptors to choose from, they are the perfect digital dimming solution, especially if you don’t know what grid system you are coming up against.

However, if you do know which grid system you need to wire with Zano’s award-winning, flicker-free and silent technology, then the new ZGRIDLITE comes with only the one adaptor you need – and nothing more.
More choice, more environmentally conscious

With the ZGRIDLITE, when you know what grid plate you are using, you can now purchase our award-winning grid dimmer, but just with the adaptor you need for the job at.

It’s part of an ongoing commitment at Zano to deliver award-winning LED dimming technology with reductions in the carbon emissions we generate.
What adaptors are available for the ZGRIDLITE?

  • Click Scolmore Grid Pro
  • Hager
  • Euro Plate
  • MK Logic
  • Schneider Lisse White
  • Hamilton
  • Crabtree
  • BG
  • Deta
  • Wandsworth

Why should you use the ZGRIDLED range for your grid dimming projects?

Whether it’s the ZGRIDLITE, ZGRIDLED150 or ZGRIDLED+ you need, all of our grid dimmers make sure you can dim LEDs flicker-free and silently, with all the benefits of our award-winning Zano technology.

One grid dimmer, hundreds of possibilities for your projects.

With fully programmable maximum and minimum brightness levels, the ZGRIDLED range dims seamlessly down to 0W/VA and up to 250W/VA without flicker, buzzing or dropout.

More versatile than ever before
The latest, advanced, next-generation digital technology in the full ZGRIDLED range means our dimmers work with more lamps than ever before. Whether you’re specifying lamps with a load of up to 250W/VA, or trying to control them, you can guarantee one of these dimmers will be a perfect match. Not sure it will be compatible? Just give us a call and one of our customer service team can help.

No more dead spots

Our ZGRIDLED range includes auto-spanning, meaning that it will adjust light levels from minimum to maximum on a full rotation, eliminating dead spots.

So what are you waiting for? The ZGRIDLITE is available in black and white in 0-150W/VA and 5-250W/VA versions, and is exclusively available on our webshop – just click here to shop. Any question?  Just give us a call 0345 519 5858.


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