How to select the right LED dimmer for your lighting project

How to select the right LED dimmer for your lighting project

Not sure which dimmer is right for the job? Zano Controls has you covered. With our easy-to-use Product Finding Flow Chart, you’ll be picking out the right dimmer for your LED lighting project in no time.   

To get the best out of our easy-to-use guide, think about whether you can answer the questions below (if you aren’t sure of the answers, our team is more than happy to help. Just give us a call on 0345 519 5858).  

Are you looking for single or multi-point dimming control? 

Single point dimming involves one dimmer per circuit that is located at one control point, while our range of multi-point dimmers enable full dimming control from up to as many as 32 control points per circuit. 

What lamps are you using?  

We recommend using high-quality lamps because they tend to have a lower Inrush current and are therefore much more reliable. We’d also recommend you use the same model of lamp across your project to maintain consistency and prevent dropout. Mixed loads can be dimmed easily but in some cases, you may need to upgrade from a standard dimmer to a remote dimming pack depending on the mixed-loads total load. It’s also important to think about the fittings/fixtures involved – be sure to check they are dimmer compatible.  

What dimmer style do you need?  

Are you after an easy-to-use rotary controller? The Zano LED range comes in grid, module and plated versions and our grid range comes with 9 different grid adaptors as well as the Click Scolmore Grid Pro adaptor (sold separately) – making them versatile and compatible with the market-leading grid accessories. Whatever finish you are after the Zano range of LED dimmers  

What control style are you looking for?  

You might opt for standard rotary controllers on your LED dimming projects, or look to use retractive on/off switches. All Zano Controls dimmers are rotary operated and come with a standard control knob, but with the ZBARLED range, you can pair with retractive toggle switches. These switches work by pressing and holding down the toggle/button which causes the light to dim, whilst pressing and holding again will cause the lights to turn back up again. Want to find out more about pairing the ZBARLED remote dimming pack with retractive toggle switches? Take a look at this case study.  

What wattage are you working with?  

Remember that you need to account for inrush (that initial surge of current when lamps are turned on) on total wattage so that you are getting the true wattage for your installation. The standard industry calculation is 1.8 multiplied by the wattage given for each lamp.  

For example, if you are looking to install 10, 10 watt GU10 LEDs, a ZGRIDLED dimmer capable of supporting 5-150W/VA won’t be good enough. With the inrush calculation (10 times 1.8 = 18W, creating a total wattage of 180W across the project), your safest bet would be getting the 5-250W/VA ZGRIDLED dimmer.  

How many dimmers will you be installing per back box?

You only need to take this point into consideration if you are installing more than one ZGRIDLED+ per backbox. Due to the dimmers proximity to one another if you are fitting more than two dimmers in the same box each dimmer must be de-rated to a maximum load of 160W/VA per dimmer.

Head to our interactive LED dimmer guide today 

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