Dimming LED, what dimmer do you need?

Dimming LED, what dimmer do you need?

LED dimming project on the horizon? Do you know what dimmer do you need?

Whether you are dimming 0-150W/VA LED, need a multi-point solution or a dimmer that can cope with large loads of LED, the Zano Controls range of products have you covered. 

Today we want to share a recap over some of our best selling dimming products.

Simply follow our product finding flow chart to find the dimmer you need.


Dimming from 1 point on a single circuit? Take a look at the ZGRIDLED range.

If you've worked out the total load of your install, have decided upon a single point solution and are now looking for a dimmer that will do the job, turn to our ZGRIDLED range. 

Top tip: always account for Inrush current when working out the total load of your install (wattage x 1.8).

The ZGRIDLED range has two wattage versions, comes in two colours AND now has two grid kit options to choose from.

For smaller LED projects of less than 150W/VA the ZGRIDLED150 is your answer. Dimming 0-150W/VA LED and ideal for those hard to reach low loads, the ZGRIDLED150 provides flicker-free and silent dimming on any 0-150W/VA LED installation.

For projects more than 150W/VA LED you'll need to turn to the ZGRIDLED+. It does everything that the ZGRIDLED150 does, but it can support a larger load of up to 250W/VA.

Our ZGRIDLED range now comes with either the new Click Scolmore Grid Pro Adaptor or our original pack of 9 adaptors.

Want to dim from more than 1 point on a single circuit? Take a look at our ZSMARTLED dimming kit.

The ZSMARTLED dimming kit is the only dimming solution on the market that enables you to dim between 5-150W/VA LED from no less than 3 points on a single circuit. 

If you want to add more than one dimmer to a single circuit, our ZSMARTLED grid kit works as a master/slave system whereby 3 rotary control points can be added to your LED installation to provide LED dimming control at each of those control points.

Ideal for a lighting project where you might want a dimmer at either end of a room providing all the lights are connected to the same circuit, or for example, at one end of a hallway and the other. There are multiple scenarios where our ZSMARTLED dimming kit can add improved lighting control functionality to your LED projects. Take a look at one of our recent case studies for more inspiration. 

The ZSMARTLED kit connects directly to 3 core and earth wiring, for an easy install with minimal disruption on site. It is also perfect for retrofit LED projects: simply remove existing switches and replace with the ZSMARTLED kit using 3 Core and Earth cabling.

For larger LED projects that require more than one control point, you need to turn to our ZBARLED remote dimming pack.

Want to dim large LED loads and add multi-point control to your installation? Take a look at our ZBARLED remote dimming pack.

The ZBARLED remote dimming pack is the most powerful off-the-shelf dimming solution yet. Providing dimming control of up to 1000W/VA LED the ZBARLED remote dimming pack comes in two wattage versions. 0-300W/VA LED and 0-1000W/VA LED.

What's more, multiple ZBARLEDs can be wired in parallel for even larger loads and up to 32 rotary control points can be paired with each ZBARLED remote dimming pack to provide vast scope to your LED projects. 

Unlike the rest of the Zano Controls range, the ZBARLED remote dimming pack needs to be installed out of sight, through a break in the circuit or a junction box. It works with existing twin and earth cable and doesn't require expensive re-wiring or computer programming.

Ready to get those products ordered, find your closest stockist or speak to our technical team for LED dimming advice and expertise? Just give us a call on 0345 519 5858 or email sales@zanocontrols.co.uk. 



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