Case study: full home and new build extension lighting renovation

Case study: full home and new build extension lighting renovation

After a poor LED dimming experience, this homeowner knew they needed a reliable pair of hands to support on their next full lighting renovation. Having worked with Ian of I Mills Electrics before, who successfully solved their previous issue with Zano Controls, they knew who to turn to for an effective solution.
Name: Ian Mills
Name of company: I Mills Electrics
Bio: Starting an apprenticeship in 1977, following a few redundancies and even a 28-year career as a firefighter, Ian’s passion for the trade saw him return to electrics full-time after re-enrolling in collage and finishing a 4-year electrical course. Now a self-employed electrician of 8 years, Ian continues to create a great reputation for his standard of work and has started to expand his company to employ an apprentice.

History of the job

About a year or so before this project request came through, Ian was in communication with the homeowner to take a look at a previous lighting job they were having problems with. They had issues with their recently installed bedroom LED downlights. The previous dimmers installed were controlled by a push button that put them into programme mode, however they didn’t perform to plan.
The lamps would flash and turn themselves on or off. Other electricians tried to resolve the problem, but to no avail, so the homeowners turned to Ian to resolve the issue once and for all.
After visiting the property, Ian headed to his local CEF branch, where he was recommended Zano Controls, stating “you won’t be disappointed, and I promise it will solve the customer’s problems”.
Ian explains how it solved the problem straight away, and that he was “so impressed with how it worked”, and that is why the customer came back to him to complete the lighting remodel. He explains how “in a way, Zano got [him] the bigger, more lucrative job”.

The customer’s requests

Onto the project in hand, Ian was approached for a major property refurbishment following his previous success with the homeowner. During this time, a large extension was also being built.  The customer communicated that simplicity was key. They wanted lighting that they could easily control within the newly built extension, as well as throughout the existing property.
Dimmable LEDs were the chosen route for the lighting renovation, with the request for these to be installed throughout every room. It was key that this not only required ease of use, but that all the lamps could also dim smoothly and reliably.

Fantastic results

Being very familiar with Zano and knowing how pleased the customer had previously been with the bedroom lighting resolution, Ian, decided to use Zano products on this project.
Searching for an LED dimming solution that was capable of dimming a range of LED lamps, including 10W/VA downlights, Ian headed back to his local CEF to purchase a number of ZGRIDLED150s to ensure the project requests were met. Each ZGRIDLED150 had the job of dimming between 10W/VA and 120W/VA, and did so with ease.
With Zano Controls’ dimmers dimming the whole property, including alcoves, kitchen downlights and exterior lighting, both Ian, and the client, were impressed. Delighted with the results, Ian expressed to us “fit these and you will never get a call back about LED dimming, unless that is a call back to fit more”.
About the ZGRIDLED
Reliable, easy-fit and designed with next-generation digital technology, the ZGRIDLED is the only grid dimming range you need for your future projects. With a dimming range of 0-150W/VA, packaged with 9 grid adaptors, and a 10th available to purchase separately, this product is easy to install and provides the best user experience on the market. This product is also available at the ZGRIDLED+, dimming up to 250W/VA for your projects requiring larger loads.
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