5 reasons to choose a grid dimmer for your lighting projects

5 reasons to choose a grid dimmer for your lighting projects

Grid dimmers provide installers with a versatile way of adding lighting control to a range of different LED lighting projects. Commercial, domestic, or otherwise.  

Ideal for retrofit projects where you might be upgrading from a switch to a dimmer and relying on an existing grid plate. But first things first... 

What is a grid plate?  

Grid plates are used by electricians and installers when they want to design their own switch combinations on a single front plate. They’re often the first port of call when you need to add different switch combinations on one plate, be it a dimmer and a switch, for example. It’s a mix and match solution to add lighting control easily, and all in one place. They come in different gang variations to meet whatever the demands of your projects.  

Grid systems are incredibly handy as they offer installers a lot of flexibility with their lighting projects. Using a grid system, you can create separate lighting zones within one room, all of which can be controlled from one place. In a grid system, each switch or dimmer usually controls one section of lighting.  

In addition, grid plates offer installers convenience. As there is nothing more frustrating than finding a socket style that fits the project brief and struggling to find all but one of the switches or modules that you need in that finish. Using a grid system takes away this struggle.  

What is a grid dimmer? 

When using a grid plate – you need a compatible grid dimmer. Grid dimmers come as individual modules with different grid tops to fit into the required front plate. But in this day and age with so many different styles of grid plate, it’s often hard to find a grid dimmer that doesn’t compromise on the quality of the install whilst fitting as it should into the required grid plate. Which is why it’s so important to use a grid dimmer that not only comes with a variety of different grid adaptors but puts up a fantastic performance. This leads us on to our next point... 

Not all dimmers are created equal. When dimming LED, you need a digital dimmer that is designed to dim LED lamps and not other modes of lighting such as incandescent. It’s also vital that installers choose the right grid dimmer that can manage the requirements of their lighting project, if controlling a larger load of LED, you will need a grid dimmer with a higher wattage capability. Or dimming low loads of LED, you need a grid dimmer that can dim to those low levels.  

Once connected, a grid dimmer controls the lighting in the same way as an LED dimming module. 

Here are 5 reasons you should use a grid dimmer for your lighting projects: 

They are great for commercial lighting installations  

In commercial settings where you need versatile and flexible control over the lighting levels, such as an office or restaurant you might need multiple grid dimmers all controlled at one switch point. These sorts of lighting projects often have lots of different areas of light that all require different levels of lighting or different sorts of lighting fittings and fixtures.  

By utilising a grid system with a mixture of grid dimmers, you can achieve great lighting control throughout your commercial projects.  

They offer installers lots of potential  

Grid dimmers are handy because of the variety they offer to installers. You can construct various lighting zones inside one room using a grid system and grid dimmers, all of which can be conveniently controlled from one location.  

The right grid dimmer can be used to dim low loads effectively 

A grid dimmer can help you achieve lighting control for low loads such as those in small kitchens, summerhouses, hallways and closets. When you choose [a grid dimmer like this one], you also won’t be limited to 10 lamps so can comfortably utilise the full wattage range. With no lamp limit, a grid 0-150W/VA grid dimmer is an easy to install dimming solution for any room that requires single point dimming on a number of low-energy lamps: ideal for controlling your favourite LED downlights. 

You can use them to dim mixed loads of LED 

When you use the right range of LED grid dimmers, you can comfortably control mixed loads on a single circuit. As long as the fittings and fixtures are all dimmable LED, you can control mixed loads easily with a grid dimmer designed for LED. The challenge when dimming mixed LED loads on a single circuit is that each type of dimmable LED lamp or driver has different minimum and maximum levels that it can be dimmed to. Which is why it is important to choose a grid dimmer with internal programming settings that are designed to support mixed loads.  

They can control up to 250W/VA LED 

You might have a dimming job in the pipeline where you need to dim a higher number of lamps, with a larger wattage you need a grid dimmer that can support larger loads, flicker-free and silently. The Zano Controls ZGRIDLED+ is the solution, dimming up to 250W/VA LED, your projects no longer have to be limited to 10 lamps.  

Why choose the ZGRIDLED range for your LED projects 

With award-winning, next-generation technology built-in, the ZGRIDLED range is the only grid range you need for your dimming projects. With two wattage versions to choose from, you can dim from 0-150W/VA with the ZGRIDLED150 and between 5-250W/VA with the ZGRIDLED+.  

The ZGRIDLED range has advanced lamp compatibility, the widest dimming range on the market, it is easy to install AND provides the best user experience. Easy-fit installation features include increased terminal size, a larger control knob and a smaller, streamlined module. 

What's more, the ZGRIDLED is the only grid dimming range available that is supplied with 9 grid adaptors, including MK, Hager, BG, Deta, Hamilton, Wandsworth, Crabtree and the new Schneider Lisse White adaptors. New for 2022 is the Click Scolmore Grid Pro adaptor (purchased in a separate kit).  

Zano technology outperforms all other manufacturers in testing, whilst exclusive “Learn and Adapt” technology allows the ZGRIDLED dimmers to learn the circuit’s load and adapt accordingly, supporting an even greater number of lamps per circuit than before.  

Ready to get your grid dimmer ordered, find your closest stockist or speak to our technical team for LED dimming advice and expertise? Just give us a call on 0345 519 5858 or email sales@zanocontrols.co.uk 

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