3 problems Zano Controls’ Smart Settings can solve

3 problems Zano Controls’ Smart Settings can solve

At Zano, we’re committed to delivering flicker-free and silent dimming on every good quality LED installation. That’s why we’ve built our unique, easy-to-program Smart Settings into every Zano dimmer.

What are Zano Smart Settings?

Described as “the easiest settings to program in an LED dimmer”, our problem-solving Smart Settings are built into every Zano dimmer, from our low-wattage grid dimmer to high-wattage remote LED dimming pack.
They are:
- Minimum level pre-set
- Start level pre-set

How do they improve LED dimming?

Our Smart Settings make LED dimming simple and can help you to solve some of the most common LED dimming problems.
Problem #1: Lamps are flickering at low levels
Zano’s minimum level pre-set allows you to set your rotary controller’s lowest level. Rather than your clients having to gauge how low they can dim without flicker, you can ensure that the dimmer is programmed to keep within a consistent range.
Problem #2: Dead travel
Rather than the lamps dropping out at low levels, causing dead travel on the controller, the lamps will switch off neatly when they reach their minimum level pre-set.
Problem #3: Lights fail to turn on if set to low levels
Our start level pre-set gives lamps a boost when turned on, to make sure that the light comes on quickly even if lamps have been dimmed to low levels before switching off. Just set the start level pre-set during installation: the lamps will warm up quickly to this chosen ‘start level’ before dimming back to the level they were previously dimmed to.
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